The Cutest Laughing Babies of 2015

Cutest laughing babies of 2015

Cute babies laughing is enough to brighten up anyone’s day no matter who you are, so watch and enjoy the cutest babies of 2015 expressing their joy and happiness, share and like this video and let’s make the world a happier place!

Who is funnier in your family? Mommy or Daddy? And what makes your babies laugh? Let us know in the comments down below!

Dad is able to balance his baby boy on his out stretched hand. This little guy has some great balancing skills for someone his age, and could very well have a long career as a professional tight rope walker in the circus one day, all we know is that he really loves doing it and is having a great time with his pops.

While mommy throws treats the pet dog, this little girl is having the best time of her life and is toughly enjoying her doggy getting a snack and catching the dog treats in its mouth.

One of the cutest little girls with a pink polka dot dress who loves the sound of the word “Polka dot” and burst out laughing every time her mom says it, this is really the beginning of a new awesome sense of humour being developed!

Dad is throwing ball pit balls at his son who cannot contain himself and is laughing in the cutest way possible for a little baby!

When babies are strapped into the car seat, it is a perfect place to have them laughing while getting gin and out of the car, there is always interesting things to see when a baby goes on an outing, and often it is enough to make them laugh!

A little girl with a well-developed laugh who is watching her father feeding their pet dog popcorn, this is clearly the funnies thing this little girl has seen her whole life! Hopefully the rest of her life will also be filled with more wonderful moments with animals.

Everyone has their own unique laugh, but the little guy with the Black beanie Afro hat has really got himself one of the funniest most adorable little cute baby laughs we have ever seen, see how he just bursts into laughter like that, enough to brighten up anyone’s day!

Not all babies wake up with a smile on their face. In fact it is often the complete opposite. The last clip is of a little baby who has just woken up, when dad asks him “good morning, did you sleep well?” and the smile that he wakes up with confirms that he did have sweet dreams!

What is laughter and why do babies laugh?
How can we make our children laugh more and more?

Laughter a true example of a joyful emotion human beings are able to express. Laughing is one of the most enjoyable steps when learning socialization and commination for little babies.

It should be known that everybody laughs. It is something all people have in common across all cultures and time zones. Babies usually start giggling and laughing when they are 3 or 4 months old and it could at first be brought on by seeing something as simple as their parents face or pet or favourite toy. Once babies learn how to laugh, they sometimes laugh “just because” – we all know that laughing feels good! A cute baby laugh may not even have anything to do with what you are doing, but just that you are there with them. Laughing also plays an important role in the development of their tong and ability to produce sounds and speech. So laughing is learning!

Finding out why babies laugh can help us in our understanding and teaches us more generally how humans understand and respond to the world around them, and the way in we deal with different changes of environment.

There are many ways to help make your baby laugh for the first time. Like tickling, funny faces or goofy voices, even a simple game of peek-a-poo! Whatever method you use to make a little baby laugh, one this is for sure that once they start it will be something they enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Join the Baby Laughter project today if you have a baby who is laughing away, send your videos in and read up about how you and your baby can help researchers understand more about the magic of a baby’s laughter.

– Baby laughter research project

Baby Laughter Research


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